About our Program

Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay is a community based program, which is designed to bring law enforcement, the news media and the citizens closer together in an effort to combat crime and make the community a safer place to live.   Crime Stoppers acts as a clearing house for information... and encourages people who know about crimes or about people who have committed crimes to call and give Crime Stoppers details.  Crime Stoppers offers rewards to people who call. People remain anonymous when they call. We do not know who you are.

Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay was established in 1988, and currently services Hillsborough and Pasco counties.
In 1998, the program was expanded to include all public middle and senior high schools in Hillsborough County.  Campus Crime Stoppers of Hillsborough County is just as effective in the schools as it is in the community.  Through anonymous tips, over $135,000 in drugs and stolen property has been recovered and there have been over 1,134 arrests.  As a result of our successes in Hillsborough County schools, the Campus Crime Stoppers program was expanded to the Pasco County School District in the 2010/2011 school year.

Mission Statement

It is the vision of Crime Stoppers of Tampa Bay to empower the community to have safer neighborhoods, schools, and work environments by providing a voice that citizens can use to stand against criminals without fear retaliation.

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